Cooking Papa

TV Series: 25min x 141eps / Special Version: 55min x 10eps
No. 11111-1-000107

"He isn't for real!" you can almost hear people say.
Living five minutes away from his office, a perfect husband, a good father and on top of that a hard working first class business man.
The main character of this story is a father who takes care of all the cooking for his family. "Mom's Homemade Cooking" is indeed "Dad's Homemade Cooking" in this family. But may I remind you that he is not a full-time "house keeper". He is a respectable office employee trusted by his colleagues and full of vitality.
His day begins with making breakfast and preparing lunch for his family, a wife and his schoolboy son. After seeing them off, he leaves for work on his bike, his office just five minutes away from home, there he attends to his work with diligence and proficiency. To Look after his son. He leaves the office at five o'clock sharp. Once arriving at home, he goes shopping, prepares the meal and then has dinner with his boy. After dinner he takes a bath with his son, plays with him. Puts him to bed and waits for his wife coming home late due to her profession as a journalist. Sometimes, when his wife is home, he leaves her to take care of their son and returns to his office to do some over-time work. When he cannot leave his office at five, he never forgets to contact his wife and make arrangements so that his son will not be alone.
The story is centered upon this unique family and how our main character, the shy Araiwa- through his an intelligent business manager strict on his work but trusted by his fellow workers, as a child caring and home loving ideal partner for his busy wife who is just hopeless at taking care of household chores. He shows his warm and honest personality, with the help of his excellent skills for cooking, touches the hearts of all people he meets throughout the many wonderful and exciting events.