The Sword of Musashi

25min x 72eps
No. 11111-1-000108

The Refreshing Sports Action Story

An action comic "The Sword of Musashi" has appeared serially in one of the best-selling boy's weekly comic books in Japan, attracting a large number of ardent readers. The animated film of this story has been broadcasted on TV for one and a half years, which proves its long-lasting popularity. There are totally 49 episodes in a boyhood version, and these stories are divided into 9 volumes in this video series. It is a heart-warming, encouraging, impressive, full-length story of Musashi with fighting spirit, illustrating how Musashi's mental and physical development was attained by training in Kendo, the art of Japanese fencing.

Eiichiro, who won the championship of the Iwate prefectural tournament, came to Tokyo with Musashi to participate in the national tournament of Japan. Meanwhile, Kunihiko Todo was also chosen as a contestant for the national tournament. Now, the National tournament has started. Eiichiro and Kunihiko, both of who have beaten opponents one by one, were to play in the semi-final match. After a close battle, Eiichiro gained the first point by a blow to the face.

Kunihiko, in turn, got the second point by a thrust to the throat, knocking Eiichiro to the floor. But Eiichiro immediately pulled himself together, showing strong spirit and seared the match point by a blow to the face. Eiichiro finally proceeded to the final match. And...