Hi, this is Akko

25min x 164eps
No. 11111-1-000115

Everything is new for Akko!
All the family surely enjoy this "new wave" family comedy animation!!

The smallest of all family affairs always turns into the biggest incidents in Akko's family. The result is always a family turmoil. Isn't this what really happens in real life, in an ordinary, average family?
This is where sisterly Akko comes in, to take care of everything.Episodes of her everyday life, from her first love, love with her husband, honeymoon days and raising kids. She is always true to her heart, that's why she is sometimes hasty and makes a blunder. Now as a young housewife, Akko always tries her best to handle her family affairs.

©Chikako Mitsuhashi/ASATSU/EIKEN