25min x 26eps
No. 11111-1-000116

One day a new student from a well-known champion baseball team enrolled in an unknown junior high school baseball team.
The team has not believed it nor has neither a coach nor a captain. The student's name was Takao Taniguchi.
While the other team members were wondering why on earth he transferred to their hopeless baseball team, there were no doubt high hopes that he could make this weak team stronger.
Taniguchi was indeed a player from a first class baseball team, but it turns out that he was only a second league, substitute player. Under the hard training of new captain, Taniguchi, and as a result of a true friendship and unity of the team, the unknown third class baseball team eventually works it's way up to victory.
This heart-warming drama animation illustrates the devotion towards the all time favorite sport, baseball.

©Akio Chiba / EIKEN