Sanrio Character Animation Series

7min x 66eps
No. 11011-1-000120

Hello Kitty -The Fantasy of the Apple Forest
7min x 13eps

Hello Kitty and Mimmy come to a mysterious forest, “the Apple Forest”, with Pururu, a fairy as a guide. The fairy folks welcome Kitty and Mimmy as “the brave twins”, who are to rescue the princess of the Apple Forest. They go off on an adventure to look for the “golden apple”, which should be the key to rescuing the princess…
How will the adventure turn out?
Hello Kitty -The Mystery of the Apple Forest
7min x 13eps

There are strange incidents in the Apple Forest. Precious things are lost, and the prince in the castle suddenly disappears…Hello Kitty and Mimmy play outstandingly to solve these problems as detectives.
To clear up the mysteries of the strange incidents, their detective work allows them to play different characters. At times being pop idols, and at times wearing beautiful dresses.
Is peace going to return to the Apple Forest?
U*SA*HA*NA -A Ballerina Full of Dreams
7min × 7eps

Hana, a lovely little girl bunny, comes to “Etoile Island” to become a ballerina. She enters a prestigious ballet school, “Premier”. Hana gradually grows up by having the chance to associate with good friends and rivals. Can Hana become a longed-for ballerina?
Keroppi -Hasunoue Town
7min × 6eps

Keroppi goes to Natural Science School and lives an adventurous life with his jolly family and friends by experiencing fun and scary things together.
Gamegamedada, a genius scientist, tries to seize and destroy “Hasunoue Town.” Can they defend the town against Gamegamedada?
7min × 27eps

In “Bunniesfield”, there are seven pairs of genius twins. One day the queen calls in the bunnies and orders them to visit the human world and learn something. The bunnies meet various kinds of friends Sophia、Francoise、Emile、Pierre and Marune in the human world. What is this story going to be like?!
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