Cream Lemon New Generation

30min x 4eps
No. 11111-1-000125

We bring to you the comeback of the legendary girl animation that released its first OVA (original video animation) of some 40 series back in 1984 and sold over 2 million copies.
This New Generation series presents you 4 brand new stories.

[Epi. #1]
The story begins 5 years ago. The father of heroin Ami Akitsuki remarried and Ami started her new life with her step mother and her new elder step brother, Takashi. Their parents being scarcely home with their work, Ami and Takashi spent many of their time just the two of them. Gradually, Takashi became a special person for Ami and her dear brother Em.until that day.

As Ami went onto high school, she was bullied by her classmate Satomi and her gang. One day, Takashi witnessed this when he came to give Satomi the ticket to his band's concert. He got angry at Satomi, but Satomi simply giggled off. What made Ami happy was the fact that she got to walk home with Takashi. She believed that these days were going to continue forever...

*This is not an erotic animation.

©2006 Full Media/CreamLemon New Generation