100min x 2eps
No. 11111-1-000127

A Feature Animation and OVA based on a popular Japanese classic comic series.
Set in a country in Middle East called Aslan Kingdom where civil war between the government forces and antigovernment forces was becoming intense. There was a front-line military base called AREA88 which consisted of a foreign legion. There, the fearless daredevils such as the bounty hunters, hired mercenaries, and odd men out were engaged in fierce battles.
To get out of AREA88 were only three ways. To survive the 3 years of contract term, to pay US$1,500,000 as penalty (rewards were US$20,000 for shooting down 1 fighter plane, and US$5,000 for 1 tank), or to escape...
Shin was sent to the foreign legion in this battleground of AREA88 because of his friends betrayal. He becomes a lonely hero who cannot go to Japan nor see Ryoko his girl friend.

Experience the breathtaking love story of Shin and Ryoko and powerful aerial battle scenes of supersonic jet fighters! This is a drama of Love and War.

©DAI・PRO/OB Planning