55min x 3eps
No. 11111-1-000128

"You Are Already Dead"

Hokuto no Ken, the famous Manga is yet again adapted to an animation. However, the series uses the novel version as the base and not the Manga itself.

The story begins, in a time when social structure has been demolished and chaos covers the world. A gang under the name “GOD” tries to use the opportunity to take over the world. On the other side, an existence that stands up to this evil power is Kenshiro, the successor of Hokuto martial arts. The animated version brought to you today, acts as a side story to the original Manga, meaning it inherits the unique world of Kenshiro but giving it a new touch and taste not to forget new characters.

Among such characters are: Dictator Sanga, who tries to occupy the world by building an enclosed city, Sarah, the doctor who treats patients in a unique way, Doha, the charismatic leader, Toby the guide and messenger of Kenshiro… All these characters have the strong presence and atmosphere of the original “Hokuto no Ken”.
The famous big brother of Kenshiro, Toki backs up these fresh new characters.

©2003 Buronson / Tetsuo Hara / Coamix / Shin Hokuto no Ken Production Committee