Maho Yugi

2D edition: 5min x 24eps / 3D edition: 30min
No. 11111-1-000130

Padudu is a magical carrier who won the local "Magic Competition" in Sea Heaven. She is on her way to "Magic Castle" to participate in "Magic Invitational Tournament."

On her way to Magic Castle, she falls into a river and flows to Dance Valley. The police in Dance Valley puts her in jail without giving her a reason. The mayor of Dance Valley, Cofy, wants to educate a witch in her own town, and so did not allow witches from other towns to step into her territory.

In the jail Padudu meets Nononon who is also called "Witch of Ravage" by the people in Witch Land. Cofy decides to terminate Padudu and Nononon in order to please the Queen Purilun of Magic Land. Cofy puts Padudu and Nononon in the Dance Valley Arena and sets up a fight with her pet PanPan. But Nononon is tied up by steel chain and only little Padudu can fight. In the critical moment, Padudu cuts off the chain and frees Nononon and killed Panpan...

Padudu learns her first lesson in real magic world that the way to be a Witch is a tough road. Nononon says to her, "Now you know how harsh it is to be a Witch. Go home and back to your peaceful and easy life!" and heads to Magic Castle by herself. But Padudu seems caught by the idea of real magic world and runs after Nononon.

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