Parasite Dolls

30min x 3eps
No. 11111-1-000131

The Near Future Adult Oriented Animation

Tokyo in A.D. 2034. In the city, the artifactual sub-humans called Boomers, which are developed and manufactured according to the types designated for various purposes, live symbiotically with humans. But there are many people who try to use them for the wrong purposes such as terrorism crime and prostitution. To keep control over such misused Boomers, a high mobility anti-terrorism team "A.D.Police" organized a special task unit "Branch."

Mingled with multiple incidents, each episode is delineated at the branch, i.e. the alternative stage of A.D.Police, to bring human desires into relief sexually and psychologically through Boomers.

- Fanta Ani Film Festival / Korea
- Berlin Film Festival / Germany
- Frankfurt Film Festival / Germany
- Hamburger Film Festival / Germany
- Cinematic Film Festival / U.S.A.
- Fantasia Film Festival / Canada
- Melbourne Film Festival / Australia
and more