A Legend of 10 Tokyo Warriors

30min x 3eps
No. 11111-1-000135

400 years ago the World was divided into three: "Human World," "World of Evils" and "Under World." The Present Prince of the World of Evils, who aimed to dominate both the Human World and the World of Evils, was sealed up by 10 warriors of the Human World chosen by the Under World. The Warriors were called the 10 TOKYO WARRIORS, and their mission was to defeat the evils.

The Present Prince of the World of Evils foretold, just before he was sealed up, that he would be resurrected 400 years later. So the citizens of the Under World made the 10 Warriors awaken and appear in the present world. As all the Warriors were in the range of 16 to 20 years old, the major setting now became a high school, located somewhere in K-World of Tokyo.

Starting around the time a boy called Jutto, who is actually an incarnation of the Commander of Light, enters the high school, Kyoma, or evils, also starts hanging around the high school.

This is the story of battles between the incarnated 10 Tokyo Warriors and Kyoma and the evils, who want to dominate the Human World by recalling the Present Prince of the World of Evils.

©TAKASHI SHOJI ASAHI SONORAMA/ 10 Tokyo Warriors Project