Champion Joe

153 minutes
No. 11111-1-000139

Series of excellent matches that used to impress people all over Japan.

Joe Yabuki is a lonely vagabond who has drifted to an old and shabby quarter, along an alley in downtown Tokyo, populated by a stagnant of stragglers from the battlefield of life.
Having parted from his friends, including Danpei, an ex-boxer who is a boxing maniac; Yoko, a daughter of a family of a big financial group, and the kids living in that quarter, he entered a reformatory, where he met Tohru Rikiishi.

In order to fight with his old enemy Rikiishi, Joe aimed to become a professional boxer, and he underwent many ordeals. And finally, the heroic battles between Joe and Rikiishi has begun, each risking his own life.

©Tetsuya Chiba / Asao Takamori