Training with HINAKO

24 minutes
No. 10111-1-000183

This title took first place for Amazon and other internet DVD sales ranking in about 2 consecutive weeks in Japan, and also more than 16 thousands DVD sets has been sold in the first 3 days since its release. The special feature includes 30 kinds of additional training which viewer could chose the training music and the training wear of Hinako.

The concept is Animated Fitness Video for young male.
Hinako is a 16 years old girl who lives in the Animation World. You meet Hinako through the TV monitor and start the muscle training with her somehow…
This training animation video is presenting who could not continue the workout with the famous training video and/or the popular PC training game.

Name: Hinako
Age: 16 
Height: 153cm
Weight: 48kg
She is an energetic girl loving exercise and watching anime. She used to be a human but has turned into an animated character when she was 14. She mostly plays heroin's friend in the animation world.

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