Sanrio Classics Animation -Original Tales-

42 episodes
No. 11011-1-000184

Welcome to Sanrio Original Tales!!
Here are more tales with more characters. Have fun with Hello Kitty and her friends!!

Hello Kitty's Alien Lands on London
Kitty and Mimmy hears a rumor about aliens at school. At that night, they see twinkle in the sky and take it for the sign of aliens, but…

Kerroppi's Haunted House
Keroppe says there is a haunted house next to hers. Keroppi and his friends go for slaying the ghosts, but at the same time two thieves also sneak into the house and…

Bad Badtz-maru's My One and Only Pochi
A contest of pets is held in Gorgeous Town and Badtz-Maru joins it with his pet alligator, Pochi. His rival Panda also participates and… who will win the prize?

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