Sanrio Classic Animation -Fairy Tales-

10 episodes
No. 11011-1-000185

Hello Kitty and her friends come into your favorite fairy tales
– Hello Kitty in Thumbelina, My Melody in Red Riding Hood, Keroppi in Three Musketeers, Twin Sisters in Hansel and Gretel and more!!

My Melody in Little Red Riding-Hood (30 minutes)
Hello Kitty in Thumbelina (40 minutes)
Keroppi and the Beanstalk (20 minutes)
Journey to the West with Pokopon (60 minutes)
Keroppi's Three Musketeers (61 minutes)
Tabo's Expedition to the Dragon's Planet (34 minutes)
Little Twin Stars in Hansel and Gretel (30 minutes)
Hello Kitty in the Bamboo Princess (30 minutes)
Hello Kitty in Alpine Girl Heidi 2 (30 minutes)
Hello Kitty in the Little Princess (30 minutes)

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