Sanrio Classic Animation -X'mas Tales-

7 episodes
No. 11011-1-000186

On the special day of Xmas, what happens to Hello Kitty and her friends!?
Enjoy the excitement of Christmas with them!!

Hello Kitty's First Christmas Cake (15 minutes)
Kitty and Mimmy bake a Christmas cake for their first time and visit their grandma and grandpa, but…

Kitty and Daniel's Lovely Christmas (15 minutes)
Daniel is to visit Kitty on Christmas day, but it snows so heavily in New York that Daniel’s flight is cancelled and…

A Tale of Two Santas (10 minutes)
A Gift to Santa (10 minutes)
Santa Has Caught a Cold (10 minutes)
Sanrio Christmas Fantasy (5 minutes)
The Secret of the Dancing Santa with Kitty and Daniel (15 minutes)

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