So, I Can't Play H!

approx. 25min x 12eps
No. 11011-1-000265

The racy Death comes to life in this erotic comedy fantasy!

So, I Can’t Play H! is a much anticipated anime adaptation of a sexy fantasy novel series of the same name by Pan Tachibana. Eight volumes of the book have been released so far, each topping the Japanese best sellers list. Director Takeo Takahashi, of Spice and Wolf fame, and his creative colleagues from the highly acclaimed Yosuga no Sora join forces again in this very unique and comical fantasy masterpiece.

"I'm Horny and I will Save the World!"

Ryosuke Kaga is a teenage boy, full of hormones and constantly horny. One day a beautiful female Grim Reaper called Lisara Restolle appears at Ryosuke’s doorstep. Lisara tells Ryosuke he has only 3 months left to live, however she makes a proposition to save his life, only if Ryosuke allows her to use the powerful energy he generates, which she needs to fight her enemies. Ryosuke obliges, but much to his dismay, it is his raging sex drive Lisara needs to suck out of him to conquer her mission. In order to save his own life and gain back his eruptive libido, Ryosuke joins Lisara on her quest to fight the evil force of Grimworld.


© 2012 Pan Tachhibana, Yoshiaki Katsurai/Fujimi Shobo/Boku H Production Committee