Super Doll Licca Chan

25min x 52eps
No. 01111-1-000279


Since it’s debut over thirty years ago, the Licca doll has been loved by girls all over Japan. Toy maker TAKARA has created an incredible 43.6 million dollars for this super-log selling series! Girls who played with the original Licca when they were young are now mothers whose dautghters are still playing with licca. Now at long last Licca comes to the television screen with the new title: Super doll Licca!

Super Doll Licca is a new character based on the traditional Licca series. Anxiously anticipated by fans Japan, and owing to 100% character recognition of the standard Licca doll, the TV series has attracted the attention of the industry and the mass media.

Licca Kayama is a cute third grader who lives in the bustling trade port of Oosura. She is strong spirited and curious. However, a secret lies in her background. Her mother Orie, who was supposed to become the Queen of “Doll Land,” fell in love with a human and gave birth to Licca.  

© 1998 TAKARA/AEON/GENCO/TV Tokyo/DENTSU/Super Doll Licca Chan Commitee