Bathtime with HINAKO

35 minutes
No. 10111-1-000281

You and Hinako are taking a bath together!
The naked two are up to... exercise!!

The 3rd installment of "with HINAKO" comes for bath time. The program follows not only washing and exercising in the bathtub but also stretching after the bath, and the new character, Hiyoko, zests up more excitement! 

*In the Bathtub
  - stretching the arms
  - stretching the back
  - in-water sit-ups
  - body twist

*After the Bath
  - stretching
  - holding the knees
  - turning the head
  - deep breath

Name: Hinako
Age: 16
Height: 153cm
Weight: 48kg
She is an energetic girl loving exercise and watching anime. She used to be a human but has turned into an animated character when she was 14.

Name: Hiyoko
Age: 12
She hates being treated like a child. She always has strange mascot on her shoulder.

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