Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector

25min x 26eps
No. 11111-1-000310

The mega hit robot animation is back and ready for take-off!

"No matter how thick your armor is, all I got to do is pierce through!!!"

This animation series is a sequel to Super Robot Wars Original Generation: Divine Wars, and similarly is an in-direct adaptation of the original video game and the PlayStation 2 remake.

Six months after the conclusion of the L5 Campaign and the DC War, the crews of the PT carriers Hagane and Hiryuu Custom have gone their separate ways.They are not far apart for long, however, as the remnants of the DC soon begin to push against the Federation Forces with newly acquired resources.

A mysterious organization, the Shadow Mirror, has begun to are them with weapons and robots that should not exist. Compounding matters, inter-dimensional entities known as Einsts begin to appear around the World and seem to share a psychic connection with ATX pilots Kyosuku Nanbu and Excellen Browning.

Even worse, aliens calling themselves The Inspectors have arrived from outer space with plans to retake the White Star and finish the job the Aerogators could not.

As the new four sided war begins, only the teams of the Hagane and Hiryuu Kai can hope to solve this crisis!