Atelier Escha & Logy

25min x 12eps
No. 01111-1-000320

The first visulization of the 15th game in the "Atelier" series!



To the unseen ruin in the sky!

A story of a boy-meets-girl begins in the world woven by Alchemy.

The world known as the "Twilight Land" was facing a slow yet gradual end.
People who reside there have put all their knowledge into re-discovering the lost alchemistic technology, in order to avoid the inevitable arrival of the "Dusk End."


The famale protagonists Escha lives in a small town, who uses her old alchemy technology inherited by her mother to help the people.
Her service is acknowledged by the government and she has been transferred to a "Development Sector."

At the same time, a young male alchemist from the "Central" named Logistic aka Logy has also been transferred there.


Although their school of alchemy is different, Escha and Logy swear to do their best for the town.
Their encounter will eventually become the path to the unseen ruin in the sky!