70 minutes
No. 11101-1-000322


When the bamboo flowers bloomed in the Youkai world, the spirits-yokai clan and demon-yokai clan fought against each other to decide which side would have an influence over human world.

To avoid fight to the death, they have chosen to compete in the Spochan tournament.


Meanwhile, an enthusiastic Spochan player Jin Kenzai was concerned about his friend Kyoji who seem to have changed. One day, Jin was approached by the spirit-yokai to become their side of the representative.

Although reluctant at first, he realizes that Kyoji's change was because he is representing for the demon-yokai.


To save his friend and also the fate of the world, Jin is ready to face the battle of his life!

What is SPOCHAN?

Spochan (Sports Chanbara) was founded by Tetsundo Tanabe in 1970s.
Its rules are based on Kendo, but as it involves soft sponge swords, it is a sport open for any age or gender.

Being practiced by over 400,000 people in the world, it is a global and friendly sport that has undergone an unpredictable expansion.


There are currently national tournament in countries such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan, US, France, Germany, India and many more.

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