6min x 8eps
No. 11111-1-000370

Like the renown "Sky jump pair" the animation, this is a surreal sports tournament comedy (SASUKE style) accompanied with guaranteed laughter!

[Project Outline]

This animation takes place in an athletic tournament, where only twins can enter. While two serious minded sports announcers comment on the event, challengers with great individuality take on the obstacle courses.


[About the Tournament]

Having cleared the preliminaries, twenty-four pairs of twins face gargantuan challenges on an enormous athletic field.

On this man-made island in Tokyo Bay, the bonds between twins are pushed to the limit in the Ultimate Athletic Tournament!

The tournament consists of three insanely difficult obstacle courses.

Teamwork and human drama are forged within these grueling challenges. 


Will there be a final winner!?


[Production Team]

Director / Original idea: Meguru Saito

CG Director: Kaisei Kishi

Script: Junya Funamizu

Sound: Hidehisa Kasai

Production company: Ripromo Inc.

                                   CREi Inc.

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