UFO Soldier Diapolon

25 min x 26 eps
No. 11111-1-000396

UFO Diapolon first aired in 1976 and to celebrate the 40th anniversary “UFO Diapolon” is back.



"Am I the prince of the Apollon star, which was ruined by the Tazarn Army Corps?"

16 years old Takeshi who was brought up at the Aozora Orphanage, was told by a mysterious man's voice called Rabbi the secret of his birth and the Key Energy, which is able to release the entire energy of the universe, is hidden in his body. 

In order to fight against Dazaan who extended his evil power to Earth, Takeshi transformed into a huge robot, Diapolon by the power of Key Energy.

His friends Miki, Choromatsu and Goro challenges against the evil with the UFO Boy Scounts.