60 sec x 39 eps / 34 min x 1eps
No. 11111-1-000431
Two close sister cats CoCO and NiCO loves to fool around. They practice to become a princess every day. Oppenheimer, who is nice but sometimes very strict, gives the two manner lessons. The two won’t stop fooling around and troubles Oppenheimer.

One day a boy cat Leon shows up and tells them about Catland and the secrets of their tiara. But they have never heard about Catland from Oppenheimer before. Is there really a place called Catland? Are they meant to be princesses? Suddenly so many questions arise.

One night, they follow Oppenheimer and find a big mirror which seems to be the path to Catland. Will they make it to Catland and will they become Princesses?

CoCO and NiCO continue their hard work of manner lessons!


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