TAMA & FRIENDS Legend of Pawstone

25min x 26eps
No. 11111-1-000072

TAMA started off its history of 30 years as a commercial character of “Do you know my Tama?” in 1983 and made its debut on TV in 1994. Now a brand new version of Tama returns!

The story develops on the magical planet where only animals live and full of scientific facts. This is a very different world from that of the old nostalgic Third Street. Tama, Pochi, Shima and Hat go on their quest to find the magic balls (Puni Balls) for the peace of kingdom and for their friendship.

This new TV series have been realized by the cooperation of Japan and Korea targeting a worldwide viewers and consumers, mainly aged around lower elementary class. This has always been the target age of Tama character.

Once upon a time, on a planet where only animals live and humans do not exist...
In the universe, three mini moons circulate around the big moon. One day, the three moons show a slight irregular move and one tribe notices this -Tribe Cats, living a minority kingdom of cats of the western end.

Among the society of cats is a legend saying that on the day when the moons move, who gathers all the magic balls dispersed over the planet gains wholly power.

Three brave cats, Tama, Hat and Shima, depart one night by the instruction from the King to find these magic balls... Off to a distant town, Sunny Town, where many animals live.