25min x 12eps
No. 11111-1-000077

A totally new kind of animation based on a popular 3D simulation game of Playstation 2. The Composition and Scenario was written by a popular scriptwriter Yosuke Kuroda ("Onegai Teacher" and "Onegai Twins"). He created charming characters and a unique worldview for the game.
Now to be animated, effects that are original to animation and that could not be expressed in a 3D game are added to produce a pure love and action animation.

A Sixteen-year-old boy, Tomokazu sees a very strange dream one day. A dream about a girl fighting with an enemy in a very strange world. In that dream Tomokazu has an amazing power, and by sending that power to the girl, the girl defeats the enemy.
Tomokazu is amazed at this world, his amazing power inside the dream, and seeing a mystery girl having a running battle. Moreover there was the mystery girl besides him when he woke up!!
With the three girls, a mystery girl "Mone" who suddenly appeared, his elder cousin and his roommate "Nanase," and his class mate "Mizuki" who came barging into Tomokazu's house, a battle in the world of Dream and Reality begins!