Hanaukyo Maid Corps

25min x 12eps
No. 11011-1-000078

Our main character, Taro Hanaukyo is the only son of a grand enterprise, and succeeds all of a sudden a gigantic resident. Taro, secretly has feelings for "Mariel the maid" and the story takes the tone of a soothing love comedy.
The original script comes from the monthly manga magazine Champion, with separate comic books also available in 7 volumes. Each volume has sold over 100,000 copies up until today. We aim to introduce by animation the sweet and fun cartoon that you can find in the original comic strip.

Taro Hanaukyo is obliged to move to Tokyo to live with his Grandpa after the death of his mother. His Grandpa was an incredibly rich man with a huge house with numerous maids working for him. Taro, finds out that he is the grandson of Hokusai Hanaukyo, who built on his own the enterprise of the great Hanaukyo family. However, Hokusai is absent in the house and Taro is given the right to make the decisions for this house of power. In the house Taro lives with the group of maids so-called "Hanaukyo Maid Corps" who pledge their loyalty to the master of the house and look after him 24 hours a day. There are Mariel the head of maids, Konoe the security chief, Ikuyo Suzuki who is in charge of the technology, Grace the computer expert and lots more. The story evolves around this hectic life of Taro, the successor with the "Hanaukyo Maid Corps."

©MORISHIGE / AKITASHOTEN / Hanaukyo Maid Staff