The Glass Mask

25min x 22eps
No. 11111-1-000082

A touching drama of a young girl whose ambition is to become a theatrical star and her challenge to take the main leading role of the play.

An actress must wear an invisible mask to act out her role. The mask is thin and fragile like glass and should not be noticeable to others but it is her fate that she must continue to always wear this "glass mask" until the end of her career.
It was a life that she chose only out of her love for acting on stage. However it turned out to be a harsh and difficult life, to challenge oneself to the top. Surrounded by friendship and help from her acting teacher, she grows up to be a real actress. This dramatic story is bound to capture the hearts of all viewers.

The original comic sold more than 10 million copies and still continues to be a best seller in Japan.