Life and Journey of Haruko

99 minutes
No. 11111-4-000345

[About Haruko the elephant]

Haruko, a female Asian elephant who was born in Thailand around 1948, was sent to Japan in 1950. She was welcomed by Tennoji Zoo and had been loved by people in Osaka. In 2013, Haruko first shows sign of aging and more changes occur in her body in the following year. Haruko got weaker but still kept entertaining the crowds till the last. She passed away on July 30th, 2014 at age of 66, the second oldest elephant in Japanese zoo.

[About the film]

TV Osaka starts shooting in 2013 and broadcast the documentary program on September 14th, 2013. The crew kept tracking Haruko until her death and the memorial program was broadcasted on September 15th next year. The documentary has received several awards. In November, 2015 the movie version will be released due to the positive public reaction and critic.



-Winner, The 52nd Galaxy Award Encouragement Prize
-Winner, The 56th Science and Technology Film/Video Festival, Division of Nature and Life, Grand Prize
-Winner, 2015 Japan Wildlife Film Festival Award, Best Japanese Wildlife Documentary Award

[Domestic Release Date]
November 21st, 2015

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