Discover Planet Ocean II

53min x 13ps / HD
No. 11111-4-000047

A new series about earthy paradise in high-definition
-The magnificient nature in Pacific

Reported by marine journalist Masakazu NAGATA

Episode 1: The Pristine Sea of Cocos-Cocos Island, Costa Rica (World Heritage Site)
Episode 2: People of the Atoll-Majuro, Marshall Island
Episode 3: Gifts from the Mangroves-Republic of Palau
Episode 4: Traditional Payao Fishing-Palawan Island, Philippines
Episode 5: The Hunters of the Sea-Orchid Island (Lanyu),Taiwan
Episode 6: Home of the Humpback Whales-Ogasawara, Japan
Episode 7: Life in the Deep Sea-Suruga Bay, Japan
Epispde 8: Frozen Sea of Fertility-Shiretoko Peninsula, Japan (World Heritage Site)
Episode 9: The Amazing White Sea-Vancouver Island, Canada
Episode 10: The Giant Kelp Forest-West Coast, U.S.A.
Episode 11: From the Forest to the Sea-Costa Rica
Episode 12: People of the North Pacific
Episode 13: Life in the North Pacific