Manna-san: Cursed Urban Legend

20min x 12eps
No. 11111-5-000162

A new type of horror drama series is here!
Those who read the "cursed red manga (comic book)" in a manga cafe suffer various calamities...

Shizuka, Ryoko, and Sayaka are high school girls who always hang together as best friends. However, since the day Sayaka gets involved with prostitute sisters Aoi and Akane, mysterious incidents start to occur.
One day, Shizuka and Ryoko hear of Sayaka's sudden death. Together with Sayaka's older sister Kamui , a website novelist, the girls try to find out what happened to their friend.
Meanwhile, Aoi, who spends much of her time at a manga cafe, finds the "red manga" there. As she flips through the comic, she sees herself in it becoming rich. After Aoi leaves the cafe, she bumps into a man, causing her school uniform to be stained. The man hands her a large amount of cash to compensate for the stain, and then suddenly runs off. Jubilant that her life had taken the same turn as depicted in the manga, Aoi doesn't notice Manna-san creeping from behind.

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