12min x 11eps
No. 11111-5-000356


11 Variations of Love is an omnibus romance drama that features 11 different love stories starring by members of Nagoya base boy-band BOYS AND MEN. In every 12-minute short drama, each member of BOYS AND MEN will play the character of different professions. Indie director Uchida Eiji who has been highly acclaimed for his previous work at "Greatful Dead" will be the main director of the series. 11 romantic stories will literally make your heart melt in a flash!



BOYS AND MEN, formed in 2010, is a boy-band consisting of 11 members who were born and raised in Tokai region, Japan. They play a wide range of roles as singers, actors, TV & Radio personalities, models and are popular among the youths. They embarked on their first concert with over 10,000 fans at NIPPONGAISHI ARENA in February 2015. Movie "Samurai Rock" starring all the members of BOYS AND MEN was got a nationwide release in May, 2015. Their new single "BOYMEN NINJA" topped the Oricon weekling single chart on January 18, 2016. They are now the most inspiring male group from local Japan which you should check out!


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