Miss Comet

1st Season:30 min x 79 eps, 2nd Season:30 min x 69 eps
No. 11111-5-000376
Family-friendly drama with the usage of special effects, animation, puppetoon became a legendary fantasy drama.
[First Season] 30 min x 79 eps (1-19eps: Black& White, 20-79 eps: Color)
Comet always fooled around which caught the school principal’s eye and was sent to Earth. She stayed as a live-in housemaid of a University professor who majored in theoretical physics. She meets many people including 2 elementary school kids who love to fool around. Miss Comet uses her magical wand to help people from their problems. The drama comically shows how Miss Comet blends in with the human society.
[Second Season] 30 min x 69 eps (All color)
Miss Comet is a witch who came far away from a star in outer space. She came back to Earth as she was told to find “the most beautiful thing on Earth” as a graduation exam from her school back in space.
She stays as a live-in housemaid and she meets many people during her stay as she finds “the beautiful thing.”


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