Samurai Punisher

45 min x 26 eps
No. 11111-5-000384

The second series of “Hissatsu.


Mondo Nakamura, acted by Makoto Fujita, makes his first appearance in the second series of “Hissatsu.”

Mondo Nakamura’s wife and mother-in-law calls Mondo an incompetent man. At his workplace, a magistrate's office, he is said to be useless. However Mondo teams up with Buddhist chant Tetsu the bonesetter and coffin store owner Jo. They call themselves “The Samurai Punisher.”

Mondo uses the Okuyama Shinkage style sword, Tetsu uses his fingers to break bones by doing the killer joint dislocation trick, and Jo uses Ryuku style Karate.


The Samurai Punisher unofficially punishes the evil in the dark.

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