Deco-Truck☆Gal Nami

75 minutes
No. 11111-2-000191

A Cocky Chic, All The Way! Deco-Truck Forever, Full Throttle!!

"She is a thoroughbred. Nothing like you losers..."
"Leave that load to me!" There is no way stopping her!!

Nami's father was a legendary truck driver, and after his death, Nami inherited the deco-truck (a decorated truck driven by long-distance delivery truck drivers.) With her up-beat personality and super driving technique, Nami is popular among her customers.

By coincidence, Nami meets Momoka, a hooker who takes truck drivers as customers. Momoka says to Nami, “I want to start a new life!!” and begs that she wants to be Nami’s assistant.
She is overwhelmed by Momoka’s passion, and decides to take her in.

One day, after dinner, the two return to the truck and sees that there is a box which they must have forgotten to load. So they load the box back in the truck, and the odd twosome drive away to the next destination.
This “box” is the start of trouble for Nami and Momoka. What lies ahead in their destiny?!

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