New-Escape Captivity 1

74 minutes
No. 11011-2-000192

Before long, absurd madness follows its path to the door of perversion... the sexual ball held in a confined room of two…
The truth about love -arising in extreme situations...

Darkness. Could this be a boiler room?
The acid smell in the air... intermittent machine sounds... in this strange place, Kimika awakens. From the deep darkness a gigantic, costumed body creepily comes near her. The odd sounds of a processed voice are heard…

Daisuke, Kimika’s father is a competent president of a medium-ranked general contracting company. He has no idea his daughter had been kidnapped and is being held captive.
Widower Daisuke finds time in between his busy schedule for his sensuous affair with Narumi, his secretary and lover.

One blackmailing telephone call changes everything. The moment Daisuke hears Kimika’s voice, he instantly realizes the urgency of the situation.
The ever too distant father-daughter relationship... a past incident which determined this fate...

Confined in the room, Kimika in time regains her calm. Being held captive in a world where she is alone with the perpetrator, she notices a gradual change in her feelings. This change escalates to a point where she develops a perverted feeling of love toward her victimizer. What are the true intentions of the attacker? And who is he? In the basement of a random building, a prurient, crazed world of depravity unleashes itself…

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