Lust in Hell

Part 1: 85 minutes / Part 2: 85 minutes
No. 11111-2-000201

From the crack of hell, loved ones appear…

“My father, a fan of Japanese traditional story telling, used to sit down and tell me the horror story, Tales of the Peony Lantern, every summer when I was a child.”

After Koto lost her father along with her mother in a traffic accident, she unwillingly received the mysterious ability to see the crack of hell and the ghosts of the dead… A year later, Koto escapes from a hospital to visit the intersection where her parents had died. There she sees a man on a pedestrian bridge, Shinji, attempting suicide. Shinji had lost his lover Soyo in the same traffic accident that put an end to Koto’s parents.

“Die, and you’ll only go to hell! You’re better off here!”

Shinji finds himself oddly convinced after hearing Koto’s words, and decides not to kill himself. The two -who share the experience of losing their loved ones in the same accident -start living together.
That’s when the fear closes in…Shinji sees Soyo’s ghost…Koto’s doctor shows an eerie obsession with her abilities…A corrupt detective is out to kill Shinji… A man and a woman who’ve lost their bond with this world… And the hidden chills lurking underneath a sensuous affair…
Real fear awaits the ghost-seeing girl!!

©"Botandourou"Film Petners