102 minutes / HD
No. 11111-2-000262


An Ageless Tale of Human Kindness and Friendship

A group of middle aged childhood friends head on to save their secret Heso and protect the traditions and people near and dear to their hearts!
It's a small adventure for big grown-ups!!

I am HESO MORI, the Guardian of Heso.
We have guarded it for many generations.

Inside the mountainous region of Echizen, well known as the origin of the traditional Japanese paper, exists a mysterious small cavern, called "Heso", or belly-button, of Japan. Heso is a wondrous tunnel that enables you to time travel through history. For 1500 years, Heso has been guarded from the public and been taken care by its gate keeper known as HESO MORI.

When Satoshi was ten, he wandered into Heso with his friends. He was nearly killed by a Samurai in the parallel feudal Japan but was saved by his HESO MORI grandfather. Forty years on, Satoshi has taken over the role of HESO MORI and now he must fight against outside forces to protect Heso and its secrets.

Official Selection
- Japan Film Festival Hamburg


©2011 HESOMORI Production Committee