G'mor evian!

106 minutes
No. 11111-2-000266

If it doesn't rock, our family won't roll!!
A feel-good family movie with a twist of punk!

Hatsuki is a strong willed 15 year old with an average teenage angst who years for a conventional life in spite of her unconventional family; Aki, a hardcore punk rocker of a single mom, and Aki's ex-band mate boyfriend Yagu, whose eternally unemployed status and freewheeling attitude make him an unlikely father figure.

When Yagu comes home after his two-year overseas trip, Hatsuki finds herself not being able to welcome his anticipated return home with open arms. Now that she's 15, things aren't as simple and rock n' roll as they used to be and she can't help but feel frustrated at him.

However, when Hatsuki finds out that her best friend is moving after and Yagu tries to help Hatsuki say goodbye, Hatsuki discovers Yagu's sad past and the reason why he is the way he is. Hatsuki eventually learns of the love that surrounds her and accepts her life as something special.

Starring: Kumiko Aso, Yo Oizumi & Ayaka Miyoshi
Original Story by: Toriko Yoshikawa (published by Shinchosha)
Directed by: Toru Yamamoto

Official Selection
- Tokyo International Film Festival
- Japan Film Festival Hamburg
- Udine Far East Film Festival


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