The Legend of Siren XX

78 minutes
No. 11111-2-000267

Diabolic Lust

Fumi is by "Kagami-Ike Pond", deep in the mountains... Her class room teacher could not fight his strong urge as he watched her body through her blouse drenched in rain... Keisuke waits for Fumi at the meeting spot to confess his love. Classmates surround Keisuke. Fumi and the teacher both went missing on that rainy day.

A few years later. Keisuke had left his life in Tokyo, and attempts a handgun suicide, but is spotted by his old classmates Kohei and Tatsumi. They explain to him their plan of starting a fraudulent business of selling water from Kagami-Ike pond as "The Water of Eternity" via the internet, and tell him that he should join them. They were also classmates with Atsuko, Kohei’s girlfriend, is also delighted to know that he had returned home.

Meanwhile, the Araki Brothers of a yakuza family are looking for Keisuke, who slipped away from an assassination mission. The mission of the brothers is to retrieve the gun they had given Keisuke to kill the head of a rival yakuza, and to bring Keisuke back to the yakuza headquarter. The brothers kidnap Kohei and Atsuko and starts searching for Keisuke.

Tatsumi encounters Fumi, who's appearance has not changed at all since high school, by Kagami-Ike Pond.

"You were really alive…Fumi"

Siren seduces Tatsumi, who is flabbergasted, and sucks his spirit out of him... Keisuke is forced to sell out his old friend, and even have undesired intercourse merely to survive, but amid this extreme situation, he manages to maintain his feelings for Fumi. As emotional ties among the characters collapse, how will the love between Siren and a man continue?

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