New-Escape Captivity 2

87 minutes
No. 11011-2-000268

-Fantasy Night-

Presently a virtuous, just-married, wife…in the past, a hit-woman whose main weapon was seduction...

The ball of sex and torture repeats itself in an abandoned building.
What truth lurks within this woman, who wanders back and forth between relationships of the past and present...

Koji leads a peaceful life with his new wife Mizuki in a small ocean-side city, running a café.
The peace of the city is disturbed when a serial rapist/murderer runs loose in the city, increasing his victim count.
One day, while Koji was out, the serial rapist attacks Mizuki. However, when Mizuki annihilates the rapist with her extraordinary martial art skills, the press takes interest, and reports about her.

Diet representative Izawa also took notice of a magazine article about her. 
Back when Mizuki’s name was Saki…the days when she was THE hit-woman…and the queen of the underworld, Izawa’s political rival sent Saki his way, disguised as a SM queen…Izawa had fallen in love with Saki then, and Saki, now known as Mizuki, had also been in love with Izawa. In this distress, Mizuki decides to steal data proving Izawa’s illicit contributions, and vanish…
Izawa feels he has no choice but to get back the data, as well as Saki’s love.

On Izawa’s orders, underworld agents Sendo and Kizaki approach Mizuki, kidnaps her, and then confines her in an abandoned building. Stripped naked of her clothes, Mizuki is cuffed, chained, and bound. Sendo repeatedly rapes and tortures her, demanding she tell where the data is.
Meanwhile, Koji desperately tries to find Mizuki…
Izawa can’t fight off his urge to meet Mizuki again…
What will become of Mizuki?

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