The Legend of Sexy Kunoichi –Tsubame–

74 minutes
No. 11011-2-000272


Enter into the forbidden world of the Kunoichi, the Female Ninja
Insult is just one of the many hardship that Kunoichi faced during these turbulent times.

The setting is the Feudal Era of Japan. As Tsubame rigorously trains to become a Kunoichi, she is given an important secret mission from lord Kuniyoshi. Using a special skill that only she posses, Tsubame is order to house the sperm from a lover who she had sex with inside of her body for 7 days and then transfer it to the lord’s concubine so that she can bear his child! While fighting off the rebel forces that are trying to keep her from completing her task, Tsubame’s quest to avenge her brother’s death and her lonely, all-out struggle is about to begin!