72 minutes / HD
No. 11111-2-000028

All I want is to be one of you people again.

One night, a woman shows up in front of Dr. Koichiro Kiba who is grieving over his wife's death. Her name is Hiyori Misono. Obviously, she looks emotionally unstable and seems to have broken out of a hospital. Just before she is captured by men in white chasing after her, Hiyori calls out Kiba's name. Hiyori sounds exactly like Kiba's dead wife, Sayoko.

Kiba, who feels doubtful about his wife's death, begins to investigate the case by himself. The members of LIS, a medical organization, are trying to extract some kind of data from Hiyori's brain. Kiba gradually realizes that there is a mysterious plan calle "Project Persona". This is the project that killed Sayoko, but her conscious mind is preserved inside Hiyori's brain.

Kiba and Hiyori run away together, but an armed pursuit force launch an attack. Endowed with supernatural strength through the Persona Experiment, Hiyori is powerful enough to fight off the chasers. However, the enemy is still mighty and a threat to them. Kiba and Hiyori head for the very place where the project started, hoping for a chance to see his dead wife again.

With the assistance of Dr. Kubota, who was Sayoko's former teacher, Hiyori decids to be used as a guinea again in order to revive Sayoko. Just then, however, the armed pursuit force arrive. The enemy is mass-produced Persona soldiers. A hopeless war has begun.

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