73 minutes
No. 11111-2-000282

A new wave of Samurai action movie with a style!

Directed by Ryo Nakajima of "Rise up (2009)" and "Switch wo Osutoki -Time to press the switch (2011)" and fresh faces of the Japanese acting world, this action packed movie will sure to entertain Samurai genre lovers around the globe!

A leading member of the Shinsen-gumi (a special police force in last Shogunate era), was ambushed while guarding an advisory of the Shogun. His attacker was one of the most legendary deceased Samurai swordsmen of all times, brogut back to life by an evil Onmyoji (Japanese sorcerer).

To protect the Emperor from the abduction plan, each of the five selected members of the Shinsen-gumi faces the resurrected Samurai swordsmen in the battle of their lifetime!



["SHISEN 5" Series]




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