3 episodes
No. 11111-2-000029

They are "Behind-the-Scenes Delivery Specialists" who can deliver any kinds of package to anywhere in Japan. They run through dangerous areas and they fight with anyone standing in the way!
All the action sequences are produced by Kenji Tanigaki, an action director who has a name both in Japan and Hong Kong!


Vol.1: Battle Run XX (80 minutes)
Akane (acted by Yuka Kosaka), a would-be journalist, is chased by a shady black-suited group as she has an evidential document which can prove an assembly man's crime. So she runs to FIGHTING EXPRESS, which can deliver packages with special secret circumstances.

Vol.2: Otaku Fighter (70 minutes)
Endo, a member of FIGHTING EXPRESS, is well known as the strongest member. However, he is usually just a groupie hanging around an idol, Fuka (acted by Aya Kiguchi)... Finding out there's a devilish group stalking her, he draws fully upon the strength of the Akiba-kei Otaku's "pure love action" in order to save her!

Vol.3: The End Of The World (70 minutes)
-FIGHTING EXPRESS v.s. Zombie Gang of Horror!-
Yuki (acted by Asami Kai), a senior high school student, is the leader of FIGHTING EXPRESS. Fujioka, who used to be a mercenary, is now a member of FIGHTING EXPRESS. One day a woman called Rei (acted by Kana Tsugihara) shows up to tell them she wants to join them. Rei is assigned the first mission after she has completed the hard training to join a member of FIGHTING EXPRESS with Fujioka. In Rei's first mission, there is a big conspiracy to threaten the continued existence of all humankind! Will Rei and Fujioka save the world?


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