HANA-DAMA / The Origin

106 minutes
No. 11000-2-000327


Mizuki has transferred to a new high school where she becomes a target of the bully. Mizuki meets Kirie and Shibauchi who also get bullied by their classmates and teachers. The three decide to be united against the bullies, but the bulling escalates. One day, Kirie gets gang raped. Devastated, Kirie jumps off the school roof. Right before her jump, she sees a spiritual flower of vengeance "HANA-DAMA" floating in the air. "HANA-DAMA" possesses Mizuki and the power of the flower makes people around her to become uninhibited, exposing their hidden desires until their sanity is lost...



Starring: Rina Sakuragi

               Maika Shimamura

      Shun Asada


Director: Hisayasu Sato  ("Rampo Noir")




Official Selection
- Fantasia International Film Festival 2014
- InDPanda International Film Festival 2014
- Buried Alive Film Fest 2014
- 2014 Lausanne Underground Film Festival

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