Cinema Angel

94 minutes
No. 11111-2-000339


When the historic theater was forced to close,

   people recall the time that they spent there.



Movie theater Daikokuza is set to close down soon. One night, Asuka (Reiko Fujiwara), an new employee at the theater, meets a mysterious old man (Mickey Curtis) who knows everything about the theater. Meanwhile, Akira (Kanata Hongo) who has grown up with Daikokuza, dream of making his own film one day. People each have their individual memories of Daikokuza. On the day the theater is set to shut down, the mysterious old man appears in front of Asuka again...


* The film is inspired by a 122-year old theater "Daikokuza”(Hiroshima), the oldest movie theater in Japan.  This movie was shoot before the theater was demolished. 





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