Mom thinks I'm crazy to marry a Japanese Guy

94 min
No. 11111-2-000344

When a Taiwanese Girl  a Japanese Guy
This is how the story starts!

[About the Film]
“Mom thinks I’ m crazy to marry a Japanese guy” is a working title. It’ s a Japanese-Taiwanese Co-Production based on Mr. and Mrs. Mogi’ s non-fiction book. This is a story about Mr. and Mrs. Mogi’ s intercultural love. The film was shoot in various locations like Jiufen, Kengting in Taiwan and Kamakura, Hiroshima in Japan. In the real world, Mr. and Mrs. Mogi’ s Facebook fan page has earned with over 250,000 likes. Draws from life experience, the movie adaptation is the kind of romance that you will definitely want to be experienced.


A very dynamic young lady, Lin, has a thing for Japanese culture while living in Taiwan. Following the 2011 Tohoku earthquake, Lin got a Facebook message from a Japanese guy, Mogi who has been curious about the Japan-friendly country since then. The two start to interact through Facebook. During the golden week holiday, thay finally met in person in Taiwan. Time passes quickly when they're together. After their first date, things seemed to move forward at the speed of light. They spent more time talking about their hopes, dreams, fears and finally came to a decision together to try and make things work, despite the circumstances.


Yuta Nakano as Mr. Mogi
Japanese actor, model and TV personality. As a student of Waseda University, he launched his acting career with the role in Kamen Rider
Kiva (2008). Nakako also landed roles on several television and film projects
as THE LEGACY OF THE SUN (2011), My SO Has Got Depression (2011), RICH
MAN , POOR WOMAN (2012). He took on the lead role in the theatrical production of Girlfriend to rent. He also appeared in Ouroboros and Shinjuku Swan, Not Any More! in 2015.

Manshu Jian as Lin
Taiwanese actress, Graduated from Taipei National University of the Arts. She came to attention for her role in TV series Year of The Rain, she also earned her first nomination for the Best Leading Actress Award of the 2010 TV Golden Bell Awards. Her major works included Fondant Garden (2012), Love SOS (2013), Twa-Tiu-Tiann (2015), etc. Her directorial debut, OPEN! OPEN! released in August, 2015.

Release Date: June 2017 in Taiwan / May 2017 in Japan



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