JUNK STORY hide 50th anniversary documentary

125 minutes
No. 11111-2-000346

This film is the recollection journey of HIDE's life!



It’ s been 17 years sinse hide passed away so sudden, so many fans are still loving him. “JUNK STORY hide 50th anniversary documentary” is the very first documentary describing hide’ s life, achievements, and thoughts. This film has received a great response since its premiere. “I don’ t want the Japanese domestic music awards, I’ ll win a Grammy award!” … hide created music to reach the global market when he said that. This film will show how he was trying to find his own methodology and thought for his fans. You can get a close up on his personality with variety of angles such as aesthetic, philosophy, dreams, and his view of tolerance. The film consists of interviews of musicians and the people who knew him very well, hide’ s concert footages and additional behind-the-scenes. “JUNK STORY hide 50th anniversary documentary” is about the bond between hide and his comrades, and the story about all the persons who love hide.


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Date of Birth: December 13, 1964
Place of Birth: Yokosuka, Kanagawa, Japan
Hide was the intensely charismatic guitarist in X Japan, one of Japanese first and most successful independent-label rock acts and the first Japanese rock band to sell out the 50,000-seat Tokyo Dome.
He was also a successful solo artist and co-founder of the United States based band Zilch. hide’ s creation and performance were innovative and full of originality, it was described like a traveling amusement park and a toy box that were knocked over. After his regrettable death in 1998, hide’ s sound of music and message are brought out nowadays by the activities of his production staff and artists. In 2014, hide’ s 50th anniversary year of birth, a miraculous new song “Ko-Gal” was released in his memorial album record. This song was produced by hide’ s song writing partner I.N.A., he used YAMAHA’ s singing voice synthesizer software VOCALOID to produce it. hide was a great rock artist who still has a huge following all over the world.





Official Selection
- New York Comic Con 2015

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